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Lee Willams, LuAnna Holladay, & Deborah Klein

Edible Lotus 2010

Dear Jillian, Seth and all,

THANK YOU for being part of the recent 2010 Edible Lotus fundraising party – together, you and your friends have contributed over $16,000 toward fantastic Lotus programming that builds the cultureal understanding and tolerance essential to the well-being of our schools, our neighborhoods, and our towns.

Organizations such as the Lotus Foundation and events like Edible Lotus would be impossible without our loyal patrons and and partners, and the local supporters listed here. We deeply appreciate this commitment to Lotus, and urge you to join in helping sustain Bloomington’s diverse business and creative community

Many thanks again, on behalf of the Lotus Board and the thousands who discover new aspects of the world every year with Lotus,

Lee Willams, LuAnna Holladay, & Deborah Klein